A Single Gay's Cooking

Welcome to my new blog. The plan here is to post my failures and successes in cooking for one. Yes, as the title says, I am gay...don't like it, then leave. This blog will be safe for work and will only picture meals I've created, or tried. The only exception is if I have a date, then you might get a pic of me and whoever, but I doubt that and it will all be G rated.

In honor of Pi day, I present to you, A zucchini crust pizza with Chicken Sausage, spinach, tomato, a nice Marsala wine pesto and mozzarella cheese.

I’ve made this once before but the crust was weak. I found a different recipe this time around here. It turned out much better but I think I may have not got the tomatoes dried off enough because there was a bit of water on the top of the pizza when I went to cut it. But it still tasted amazing.

PS, please excuse the messy table and crappy photos, I was hungry.

“So just to be clear, what these are NOT: Two baked chocolate chip cookies sandwiching cookie dough ice cream. What these ARE: Two luxurious layers of egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiching creamy cookie dough ice cream. Because, really, can one ever have too much cookie dough? At first”

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Grilled Mac&Cheese in tomato shots…brb gotta go make some bread.

Grilled Mac&Cheese in tomato shots…brb gotta go make some bread.


For the first time in a really long time I burned my hand getting something out of the oven. It still stings a little an hour later. :(

I’m usually really careful but I was using two racks to bake a couple of tins of muffins (chocolate-chocolate chip if you were wondering) and when I reached in to test the bottom rack I accidentally hit my knuckle on the top one.

A New Kitchen Gadget

My best friend went to Scotland this year (the lucky bitch) for her younger brother’s college graduation. Since she was gone during my birthday she brought me back a couple of things. one of them was a Rice Cube. So I present to you, Meatcubes and Rice. I already have a few ideas for this device but I haven’t been to the store to get anything to cook with it yet so this is what you get until then.